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fsock inspired ingerless mitts close up on a model
Kelene Kinnersly Designs

Mitfits Fingerless Mitt Pattern

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It’s everyone's favourite little sock turned into a mitt.

Mitfits are sock-inspired fingerless mitts that are great for using up leftover yarn. Great pattern for beginner knitters and is a fun and creative project.

This knitting pattern is written using two small circular needles or Magic Loop. This is my recommended method because it produces a clean, and consistent gauge, and thick, warm fabric. Jogless joins have been written in at each colour change to produce smoother joins and cleaner stripes.

Yarn Needed:
Worsted Weight Yarn in three colours:
Colour A: 40 (40. 45, 45) g, 56 (56, 63, 63) yds, 51.2 (51.2, 57.6, 57.6) m
Colour B: 25 (25, 30, 30) g, 35 (35, 42, 42) yds, 32 (32, 38.4, 38.4) m
Colour C: 10 (10, 15 15) g, 14 (14, 21, 21) yds, 12.8 (12.8, 19.2,19.2)

Sample knit in (A) Patons Classic Wool, colour 226; (B) Berroco Ultra Alpaca, colour 6206; (C) Berroco Vintage, colour.

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