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Can we talk about discontinued yarns for a minute? 

There are days when I look at my stash and I can hear the yarn screaming “me, me, knit me!”.

As a designer I hesitate and think that I can't use it. I worry knitters will be upset if I do a design in yarn they can't find.

But...I’m not sure that’s true. Especially since I design shawls and scarves which are more easily adaptable to other yarns. 

This week I will be releasing a little shawlette design I knit up in some Nifty by Plucky Knitter. It was a gift and the pink is soooo pretty but sadly its been discontinued.  

Then, I thought about all the knitters that love to use up their stash and are flexible with yarns, and figured it would be okay to design something little with it.

I really hate to see yarn go by the waste side, I really do.

But for shawls and scarves, I think its safe to use, and it makes me feel good using it up.

DO you feel the same way?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to comment below in the comments

Happy Knitting

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